It's time to STRESS LESS and BE MORE.

Day 1

31st August

Conference Opening Ceremony - (FREE)
Making space to set the intention for the days to come

Morning Session
09:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Susan Jackson: Mindfulness Pathway to Flow...more

10:00 - (FREE) - Panel Discussion: Optimal Experience: A Psychological Luxury, Necessity, or Naturalisation (Featuring 4+ speakers)

11:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Hazel Findlay: Developing a Relationship with Fear

12:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Presentation
Reece Coker: Special interests and autism: accessing flow...more
Afternoon Sessions
14:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Presentation
Zadany Vecsey: The Practicalities of integrating flow and 'Good Business' into Industry...more

15:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Jeff Charno:
Being & Doing: Leaning Into Spontaneity...more

16:00 - (FREE) -  Panel Discussion: The Future of Flow (Featuring 4+ speakers)

17:00 - (FREE) -  A Special Homage to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Open Circle, Guided by Close Friends of Mihaly
Closing Day 1
(Reflections and Questions)

See additional presentations below

Day 2

1st September

Morning Awakening (A guided moment of self-discovery)

Morning Sessions
09:00 - (FREE) - Workshop
Stuart Watkins: Embodying the FLOW by Balancing Doing with Being...more

10:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Panel Discussion: The Future of Finding Flow (Featuring 4+ speakers)

11:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Corinna Peifer: Flow in the context of work 4.0 and artificial intelligence...more

12:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Cameron Norsworthy: The Flow Model: How to become Experientially intelligent to gain back control of your everyday experience...more
Afternoon Sessions
14:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Speaker Circle: A space for all speakers to connect

15:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Scott Ford
: Bringing Dual Awareness into practice...more

15:30 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Greg Warburton
: Emotional  training to facilitate flow...more

16:00 - ($ Paid Access) -  Panel Discussion: The Pillars of Thriving Through a High Performing Lifestyle (Featuring 4+ speakers)

17:00 - (FREE) -  Workshop
Gary & Deanne Gute: Finding Flow with Mihaly: The Father of Flow’s Map for Practical Life Design
Conference Closing Ceremony (Final thoughts and reflections)

See additional presentations below
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Presentation LIST

Please enjoy access to the presentations below during the conference (08:00 31st August to 18:00 1st September, BST or GMT+1 time). To watch these presentation (and all the live workshops) after the conference you will need to upgrade to the 'Unlimited Access' package (only $99).

Lorraine Huber: The key mindset shifts for finding flow and becoming World Champion
Cameron Norsworthy: The Flow Model: How to become 'experientially intelligent'
Sue Jackson: Mindfulness as a pathway to flow
Hazel Findlay: Developing a relationship with fear
John Hendry: Forgiveness and hope: the primary enablers to achieve flow
Gary Gute: Finding flow with Mihaly: the father of flow’s map for practical life
Dan Egan: Freeing yourself from the critical mind: a journey from judgement to
Deanne Gute: Finding flow with Mihaly: the father of flow’s map for practical
Jeff Charno: Being & doing: leaning into spontaneity
Inge Beckers: How positive leadership can increase flow at work
Amy Saltzman: Letting flow find you
Kristen Ulmer: Why the world inadvertently conspires to keep you out of flow
Eve Newsome: The flow music method: the joy of flow in music practice
Martijn Leonard: Individual preferences & flow
Mirna Šmidt: Prioritising flow as a practitioner
Arno Ilger: Leaning into fear and stress
Rene Weber: The synchronization theory of flow
Mae Yoshikawa: Bringing awareness to your resistance
Scott Ford: Bringing dual awareness into practice
Giovanni Moneta: Applications of flow to work
David  Shernoff: Preparing the younger generation for a global crisis through learning
Shane Benis: Indigenous lessons into movement and flow
Erez Beatus: How to harness the power between breaths
Genevieve Cseh: Mood, art, creativity & flow
Stuart  Watkins: Embodying the flow by balancing doing with being
Fergie Miller: Entrepreneurism & flow
Zsadany Vecsey: The lessons learnt from integrating flow into the workplace
Greg Warburton: Emotional freedom techniques to facilitate flow
Corinna Peifer: Flow in the context of work 4.0 and artificial intelligence
Jeff Van Hout: How to create innovation ecosystems and team flow
Nicola Baumann: Personality traits, achievement-motives, and the flow personality
Reece Coker: Special interests and autism: accessing flow
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