Zsadany Vecsey

If there is Flow in your business, employees perform at their peak and work becomes a source of enjoyment and personal growth.

Specialism: FLIGBY Flow Leadership
Background: Video game experience in the learning process

PRESENTER: Zsadany Vecsey

The Presentation

The lessons learnt from integrating flow into the workplace

This presentation covers Csikszentmihalyi's vision on leadership and the 29 basic skills of flow-promoting leadership. Zad will delve into values, experiential learning to test and measure leadership skills, the rise of freelancers in the workplace, and generational differences.

About the Speaker

Zsadany "Zad" Vecsey is the founder and CEO at ALEAS Simulations, Inc. which is behind the FLIGBY leadership game. Zad teamed up with Mihaly Csokszentmihalyi to produce a computer based game called Flow Leadership is Good Business (FLIGBY) a game which teaches people how to run a flow based organisation.

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