“Future flow research should focus on helping us understand flow more effectively from a neuroscientific and biological perspective.”

Specialism: Media Neuroscience, Cognitive Control and Flow Experiences
Background: Research Scientist & Author


The Presentation

The Synchronization Theory of Flow

A conversation about the Synchronisation Theory of Flow. The discussion looks at flow from an attentional lens and how it relates to the default mode network (DMN). We describe neural correlates that are apparent in flow and how flow can be reflected as an energetic optimization of cortical networks in the brain.

The discussion also covers what future flow research can focus on to help us understand flow more effectively from a neuroscientific and biological perspective.

About the Speaker

Rene Weber is the director of UC Santa Barbara Department of Communication Media Neuroscience Lab. His lab investigates complex cognitive responses to mass communication and mediated narratives with an emphasis on the neural mechanisms of moral conflict, persuasion, media violence, cognitive control, and flow experiences. Current projects focus on the relationships between media-multitasking and attention disorders (ADHD) and on the analysis of moral narratives and moral conflict in global news and entertainment. He was the first communication scholar to regularly use fMRI to investigate various media effects, from the impact of violence in video games to the effectiveness of anti-drug PSAs.

He has published four books and more than 150 journal articles and book chapters (October, 2021). His research has been supported by grants from national scientific foundations in the United States and Germany, as well as through private philanthropies and industry contracts. He is a Fellow of the International Communication Association.

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