“The elusive concept of flow, and links to hyper-concentration may actually be an intrinsic gift within autism....”

Specialism: Hope, Fear, Flow & Autism
Background: Positive Psychology, Neurodiversity & Inclusion


The Presentation

Special Interests and Autism: Accessing Flow

Insights into the concept of flow and autism. Reece explores the anxiety paradox within the concept of flow - together with flow pathways through absorption within the activity - as opposed to the level of difficulty often described within the "flow channel".  

About the Speaker

Reece Coker is the founder of the Positive Psychology Guild (PPG). A fellow at the Institute of Leadership and Management, and Royal Society of Public Health, he is an experienced trainer, psychologist, and sector expert within the subjects of Positive Psychology, Motivation, Organisational Development & Culture, Neurodiversity & Inclusion, and Business Management. A senior manager within the corporate commercial and not-for-profit sectors, Reece is passionate about learning and development at all levels.

He completed his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Bucks New University in 2016, where his research focused on hope and fear, and is currently completing a PhD in Education and Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University with a focus on courage, anxiety, and autism. He leads and lectures on the Positive Psychology and Autism Awareness in Practice Programmes. He is an autistic individual who is a passionate advocate for autism and strengths-based approaches. Reece leads PPG's Autism Centre and is keen to work with stakeholders within the areas of employment, mental health and wellbeing, and neurodiversity & inclusion. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, where he is a subject matter expert in the fields of qualitative research, autism, and neurodiversity (theory and practice).

Reece says, “Many autistic individuals possess strengths - as part of their autistic profile. One example is immersion in a special interest. The elusive concept of flow, and links to hyper-concentration may actually be an intrinsic gift within autism....”

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