“The Flow Conference is such a brilliant chance to exchange new perspectives and enrich our understanding of flow with new insights.”

Specialism: Speaker, Positive Psychology Trainer, Flow, Mindset, Resilience, Mindfulness
Background: Training & Experiential Education, Neuroscience, Psychology, Ex-Athlete, Business


The Presentation

Flow for educators and trainers: How to ensure more flow for your learners?

Flow makes learning faster and deeper. It makes learner more mindful, motivated, creative, and builds more energy and positive emotions.

Flow is the most impactful state for learning… yet so often learning experience fails to truly engage the learner.

So, let’s empower learning through flow! In this talk, we will explore what we can do as trainers, educators, presenters to ensure that the learner dives into flow for most of our workshop.

You will get practical tools and tips, based on the science of positive psychology, that you as a trainer can immediately put into practice.   

About the Speaker

Mirna Šmidt is a trainer of positive psychology and train-the-trainer, and the founder of Happiness Academy www.happiness-academy.eu and Trainers Toolbox www.trainers-toolbox.com.

She is passionate about building learning experiences that are deep, engaging, enjoyable, and science-based. She graduated from the MAPP (Masters in Applied Positive Psychology) on the topic of building training for flow.

Mirna has worked on the training of flow and positive psychology with many individuals, startups and companies across Europe, with clients such as Cisco, Impact Hub, Molson Coors, Loreal, and several Universities.

As a speaker, she has spoken at conferences such as World Global Health Day Festival in London City Hall,  Women in Data Science in Zurich, Hive Global Leaders Summit in Berlin and Bucharest, Positive psychology conference in Zagreb, Global Women IBM panel in Zagreb, ENTEG (ENgineering & TEchnology institute Groningen) Day at University of Groningen, Elle Fashion Dinner in Belgrade and many more.

She delivered a TEDx talk on  the topic of The Way to Fulfilled Life. Mirna has built her life around learning, travel and exciting experiences and adventures.

She has lived in several countries (digital nomad for 12 years), travelled to around 80 countries, and delivered educational events in more than 20 countries. She discovered flow in practice in her early days while training judo, and today she finds flow in sailing, diving, horse riding and other outdoor sports.

My Offer

Join us for Deep Dive into Flow online course at Happiness Academy and explore your own style of Flow in depth, with practical, science based tools and individualised approach.

Build up your skills in designing & delivering powerful learning experiences by joining us at Train the trainer at Trainer's Toolbox.

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