“For sustainable performance it’s essential to learn about flow and to apply individual preferences to flow!”

Specialism: Flow in Sports & Business & expert in individual preferences to flow
Background: Graduated in flow in sports & business administration, professional soccer player & soccer coach


The Presentation

Individual preferences to flow

In this presentation Martijn will give an introduction to individual preferences to flow. What are individual preferences to flow, how to discover them with the body and mind connection and how to apply them in a team. Martijn will share a real team-case with a professional team and will show how the team finds, trained and applied the strengths of the team to create a team flow experience during the play-offs.

About the Speaker

Martijn is an author on flow, coach and graduated in Flow in Sports. Martijn played football (soccer) at a professional level and has more than 15 years experience as a soccer coach in youth, senior, amateur and elite level. He’s an expert in finding and applying individual preferences to flow and he’s  the CEO of Flow Centre Holland.

Martijn gives flow training in sports, business and education. He helped many sporters,employee’s, coaches, managers and teams to find flow. In soccer he’s active for PSV and Feyenoord, trained UEFA PRO coaches and helped clubs from amateur to Champions League level. His passion is to unlock talents, create flow and helping you to achieve success.

My Offer

Find out what your individual preferences to flow are. Learn more about your cognitive, emotional, visual and motor preferences. If you work with a team we can improve the collective efficiency by determining the individual- and team profile to develop positive dynamic.

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