Resistance and Flow create the pulse of Life.”

Specialism: Ashtanga Yoga
Background: Yoga & meditation practitioner


The Presentation

Resistance and Flow in Life and Birth

Everything I ever learned about breath and body, mind and focus, Resistance and Flow, I put to use in birthing my two children. As a yoga practitioner, meditator, and teacher, I had practiced and taught these principles for many years; but nothing engaged these principles in such an all-encompassing way like birthing babies did.  Part story-telling, part entertainment, and ALL true life lessons, I share with you the two most grand tales of Resistance and Flow from my personal life, encapsulating pointers on What Not To Do (aka create Resistance) and What To Do to offer yourself elegantly to greater Flow in life.   

About the Speaker

Mae is an author, yoga & meditation practitioner, teacher, and mother. In 2006, Mae became the first Japanese woman to be authorized by KPJAYI, the founding school of Ashtanga Yoga in India. Having graced 42 consecutive covers and penning a widely popular column for Japanese Yogini magazine from 2003~2013, Mae helped to spearhead a cultural shift in Japan—making sure that yoga would not be seen merely as physical exercise, but rather as a holistic practice and lifestyle that would restore health and balance to the busy lives of modern people. Currently, she is known as the face of adidas yoga as well as being the founder of Veda Tokyo, a premier online studio that offers yoga, zazen, and a variety of other wellness programs.

Mae says, “Resistance and Flow create the pulse of Life. There's nothing like bringing increased awareness to both the Resistance and the Flow that allows us to open ourselves, body and mind, to a fuller, more expansive experience of Life itself.”

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