lorraine huber

“It isn’t raw talent that wins world championships; it’s developing the mental strength that does.”

Specialism: Performing under pressure, managing fear
Background: Professional extreme sports athlete, mental strength coach, business owner

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The Presentation

From Stressed Out to Thriving Under Pressure: The Key Mindset Shifts for Finding Flow and Becoming World Champion

How do you bring out the best in yourself in an extreme pressure situation? Especially if the outcome is really important to you? Lorraine Huber, long-time competitor on the Freeride World Tour and freeride world champion, reveals the essential mindset shifts she underwent that ultimately changed her competition experience from feeling completely stressed out and overwhelmed to loving the challenge and showing her best performance on game day.   

Even some of the smallest mindset shifts can change our experience in day-to-day life by 180 degrees. High performers of any field will benefit from Lorraine’s personal experiences and insights to start applying themselves well under pressure, find flow more often, enjoy challenges instead of dreading them, and finally start realising their potential.

About the Speaker

Lorraine Huber, MS, is a professional skier, freeride world champion, and certified mental strength coach. She combines 13 years as a high-level athlete with her coaching education to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals, perform under pressure, and become leaders.

Lorraine was featured in the book Limit Skills, where she described her use of Flow psychology to become a world champion, and appeared on the BBC’s The Conversation and The Winning Mentality podcast. She holds a master’s degree in mental strength coaching (University of Salzburg) as well as business administration (University of Innsbruck) and has
given mental strength workshops for Audi, Henkel, and the Sportsymposium Vorarlberg.

Lorraine is also a fully certified ski instructor and guide. Every year, she hosts the wildly successful “Women’s Progression Days”, helping hundreds hone their confidence and ski technique off-piste. She is an ambassador for Audi, Spyder Active Sports and Scott Sports. In 2017, she was awarded Sportswoman of the Year in her home state of Vorarlberg, Austria.

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