Kristen Ulmer

“Flow increases productivity, but more importantly it also resolves emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.”

Specialism: High Performance Facilitator
Background: Hall of Fame Athlete


The Presentation

Why the world inadvertently conspires to keep you out of flow: And what you can do about it

Kristen Ulmer is a Hall of Fame athlete, named the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world for 12 years. Which means, she knows flow. Extreme athletes are notorious for being in a flow state, because their lives are on the line if they're not. Learn the secrets and magic that she didn't even know about during her ski career, on how to get there. Ulmer has spend 35 years putting the puzzle together and will share it with you during the conference. Her talk may contradict other talks on flow though. So be prepared for new information that will surprise and delight you. Ulmer will give a crystal clear description of what flow is (that you've never heard about or considered before), and an exact step to take you there in an instant, simplifying things in both a profound and practical way.

You will never view life the same after hearing what Ulmer has to say. Do not miss this.

About the Speaker

Kristen Ulmer is a high-performance facilitator and thought leader on fear/anxiety who draws from her tenure as the Hall of Fame most ‘fearless’ woman big-mountain extreme skier in the world for 12 years, from intently studying Zen for 15 years and from facilitating thousands of clients and high-profile groups all over the world.

Her book: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead is an anxiety industry game-changer. Ulmer helps shift the way people deal with fear from that of a draining battle into a healthy, in-flow relationship with this misunderstood emotion.

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