John Hendry

“Resilience can be defined as the restoration of hope—critical to the relationship that we have with ourself and ability to be in flow or not.”

Specialism: Resilience, hope, forgiveness, flow
Background: Educator, Speaker


The Presentation

Forgiveness and Hope: The primary enablers to achieve flow

As one journeys toward peak performance, the flow state can only be reached by presenting “hope”, initially intentionally and then intuitively at each moment of concern, doubt and misstep. Forgiveness essentially directs hope to the better management of task.

Forgiveness of self permits one to “see more clearly” the challenges of the task and injects a trust in a capacity to remain in control. This trust underpins the abandonment of doubt necessary to reach and maintain flow.

About the Speaker

John Hendry was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his role in education. Since 1980, John has fulfilled a wide range of roles at Geelong Grammar School, including Acting Principal. He has been instrumental in the school’s development of Positive Education and founded the School’s Relationship Reparation Programme. John has also enjoyed a long and distinguished cricket career. John is an established keynote speaker for topics on resilience, performance, flow, and developing cultures towards flow.

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