“Exploring flow in all of its dimensions is LIFE CHANGING. Do not miss this conference!.”

Specialism: Getting out of Your Own Way
Background: Lifelong Meditator, Entrepreneur, Being & Doing Conference Host


The Workshop

Being & Doing: Leaning Into Spontaneity

I’ve recently interviewed 150+ meditation teachers, artists, neuroscientists, psychedelic researchers, flow gurus, and inspirational speakers in our Deep Flow and Awakening Creativity conferences. It was FUN!

What does ‘spiritual awakening’ have in common with improv comedy? Do you want to access flow states from time to time or live your whole life in flow? Where is your brilliance and creativity right now? How do you come MOST ALIVE?

In this light-hearted exploration of your own spontaneity you will likely be surprised… by yourself! And, if you’re anything like me, you may see how spontaneity is the essential inner ‘move’ to become living conduits for creative genius.

About the Speaker

Jeff Charno is the founder of Being & Doing - the online course producer of programs like the Deep Flow Summit, Awakening Creativity, and the School of Spontaneity.

He is a serial entrepreneur having built ellipsis arts a critically acclaimed record label. It was ranked #1 world music label by Billboard Magazine in the mid-90's and broke old paradigms and turned millions of people onto global music.

He also built The Relaxation Company which produced recordings for relaxation and meditation and pioneered the way to selling 10MM CDs into national book and music retailers. In 2010 he merged the company with SoundsTrue.

My Offer

Details to follow on our upcoming launch of the School of Spontaneity this fall.

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