“It is fascinating to unravel climates for optimal collaboration and moments of team flow.”

Specialism: Team Flow
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The Presentation

The development of evidence-based group facilitation tools that spark team flow

Flow is a holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement. Flow experiences are considered by individuals to be some of the most enjoyable, rewarding, meaningful, and engaging they have experienced, and typically involve automatic and effortless action coupled with intense focus.

Team flow is the shared experience in which all team members are completely involved in their collaboration towards a gratifying, yet challenging common purpose. During this moment of optimal collaboration, they perceive adequate abilities to cope with the challenging situation and they have the feeling that their collaboration runs smoothly, effortlessly, and forward.

Works produced during (team) flow experiences tend to be more creative and of higher quality, and there is more satisfaction and positive emotion from the accomplishment.

To make scientific theories and insights about team flow accessible to the practice of professional organizations, Jef founded the network organization Flow Concepts®.

Flow Concepts® is concerned with:
• The facilitation of team development processes;
• The training and certification of leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and group facilitators into the team flow methodology (Team Flow Academy®);
• Development of evidence-based group facilitation tools that spark team flow.  

About the Speaker

Dr. Jef van den Hout PDEng is an associate researcher and lecturer at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Aarhus University, and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Jef holds a Ph.D. in the conceptualization and measurement of team flow and from there an approach to spark team flow in professional organizations. His current research interests are flow, team flow, optimal collaboration, sustainable performance, and challenge-based learning environments (e.g., innovation ecosystems or professional learning communities).

Jef’s personal mission is to bridge the gap between science and practice.

“I find it fascinating to unravel climates for optimal collaboration and moments of team flow. Especially, if the ambitions could lead to something just beautiful, something unusually good, or something completely innovative! ”

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