“Finding your moment requires a solid mindset and enough mind tools to help you rise above the pressure.”

Specialism: Mindset Coaching & Rock Climbing
Background: Athlete, Mindfulness, Philosophy


The Presentation

Developing a Relationship with Fear

Hazel will talk us through how to develop a relationship with fear. Through her experience as a climber and a coach, Hazel will use practical examples to highlight when fear is a barrier to flow and how to decondition this fear. Hazel will explain the different types of fear that can be a barrier to flow and how they interact with performance outcomes, discuss exposure therapy for fear and how it can be used to manage fear in the moment.

About the Speaker

Hazel has been rock climbing for 26 of her 32 years and is considered one of the best female climbers worldwide. She was the British Junior Champion six times but at 18 focused on her passion which is outdoor rock climbing. She has travelled all over the world practising all styles of climbing from small boulders to big walls. She has a strong passion for teaching, philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology, showcased through her training and coaching.

My Offer

The Strong Mind course for climbers. The first of its kind! Hazel Findlay shares everything she knows about how to manage fear in climbing so you can stop being terrified and get the most out of the sport you love best. Click here to access offer.