“This conference encourages an increase in the overall understanding of the field of flow which will ultimately assist with the development of humankind.”

Specialism: Flow Music Method
Background: Music Performer


The Presentation

The Flow Music Method: the joy of flow in music practice and performance

The lecture will outline a range of practical and accessible ways that musicians can adopt to increase flow experiences in practice and performances contexts. It will explain the origins and essence of the groundbreaking Flow Music Method that was developed and tested by Eve Newsome in her recent doctoral research. The information will be most relevant to classical musicians and music teachers but has applications to all musicians and music teachers of every genre and background.  

About the Speaker

Eve Newsome is an experienced music performer and pedagogue having held oboe and cor anglais positions with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria and numerous music teaching positions at the Victorian College of the Arts and Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. She has performed on many international tours including those of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and she has taught in Europe, Finland, Ireland, and New Zealand.

In recent years she completed her doctorate on flow in music and has been lecturing nationally and internationally on her Flow Music Method strategies designed to bring on optimal experiences in practice and performance. In 2021 Eve received an award for the course Optimal Performance Practice, which had been implemented at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University to assist music students to optimise every area of their performance. In 2022 she is lecturing on practical flow strategies from her Flow Music Method at the International Society for Music Education.

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