Erez Beatus

“Between every breath is magical place.”

Specialism: Freediving, Underwater Photography
Background: Athlete, Speaker, Trainer


The Presentation

How to harness the power between breaths

Erez will be sharing his wealth of experience as a freediving athlete and trainer during the live panel discussions during the 2-day event.

About the Speaker

Erez was born in Israel and now lives in Australia. He has been a professional FreeDiver (breath-hold diver) for many years. He has held the world record for Unassisted FreeDiving (2001) with a dive to 46m and can hold his breath for over 8 minutes! He also held all national freedive records in Israel between 1998-2006. Erez has trained and captained the Israeli National FreeDiving team, trained martial artists, swimmers, and triathletes.

Erez combines his diving with a passion for photography. He is also an award-winning photographer above and below the surface. He is the founder of Apnea Australia – Australia’s leading Freediving school. Erez has taught national record holders and has certified over 2000 Freedivers in his 17-year career. He served as vice president of AIDA international (the world governing freedive organisation for records and competitions) and is an international judge.

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