“Translating flow theory into practical strategies leads to many benefits.”

Specialism: Creativity and Evolution
Background: Educational Leadership and Organizational Learning


The Workshop

Finding Flow with Mihaly: The Father of Flow’s Map for Practical Life Design

Peak performance. Purpose. Happiness. What is flow for and how do we make the most of it? Mihaly “Mike” Csikszentmihalyi’s collaborators at will share what was on Mike’s mind in the final chapter of his life: Flow as the fuel we need to build not just better skills, but also better relationships, better systems, and better quality of life. Participants will experience guided reflection on mining and mixing the four elements they need to create constructive energy from optimal experience. The discussion pays tribute to the words and work that teach us how to build ourselves an optimal experience infrastructure. This is a design for life that continuously renews our energy to evolve and create—even when we’re most tempted to give in to Entropy, the inevitable slide of everything toward chaos and decline.

About the Speaker

Deanne Gute is co-creator of and Associate Director of the University of Northern Iowa’s Flow Lab. She holds a PhD in Educational Leadership/Organizational Learning. Deanne teaches the college capstone course Creativity and the Evolution of Culture and first-year Cornerstone course, and for 25 years was coordinator of a university writing center. Before Mihaly “Mike” Csikszentmihalyi’s passing in 2021, she was collaborating with the “Father of Flow” and Gary Gute in a joint mission: Helping people translate flow theory into practical strategies for experiencing less anxiety, boredom, and stagnation in a chaotic world, and more focus, excellence, confidence, connection, and joy in learning and work. That mission continues with a focus on environments and relationships built for flow. She has been a TEDx organizer and speaker, coach, and for two years was North American editor for ALEAS Simulations’ FLIGBY (Flow is Good Business). Deanne finds flow not only in writing, professional editing, teaching, coaching, and research, but also random orbital sanders, scrapers, paint brushes, dusty manual labor, paint, stain, and varnish. She has helped restore several houses from the 1800s. This extreme recycling uncovers and preserves the beauty in old structures as well as the stories they tell.

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