Dan Egan

Skiing returns me to my youth, a joyful place full of innocence and wonderment from which my future flowed.”

Specialism: Extreme Skiing Pioneer
Background: Athlete, Inner Critic


The Presentation

Freeing Yourself from the Critical Mind: A Journey from Judgement to Observation

Join Extreme Skiing Pioneer Dan Egan for a presentation on “Freeing yourself from the Critical Mind” a journey from judgement to observation.  Egan will explore the power of persuading through emotion rather than logic for changing fundamental beliefs that hold us back from peak performance. His presentation is anchored in the power of purpose and manifesting outcome through intention, commitment, and emotional attachment to goals. Known for skiing the most remote regions of the planet, he draws on his lifelong mountain experiences and 30 years of running “Steep Skiing Camps and Clinics” around the globe as his backdrop.

About the Speaker

Dan Egan is a world-renowned skier and pioneer of extreme sports. He has appeared in thirteen Warren Miller ski films and is known for skiing the most remote regions of the world with his brother John Egan.

In 2001, Powder Magazine named him one of the most influential skiers of our time and in 2016, he was inducted into the US Skiing & Snowboarding Hall of Fame. During the late 1980s and 1990s, Dan Egan’s skiing exploits mirrored and chronicled the geopolitical landscape of the world, an approach that played a critical role in redefining the extreme in extreme sports.

His innovative adventures moved the extreme mantra from the mountains to Madison Ave. Egan's global approach to extreme sports created the foundation for massive growth in international travel and the demand for technology to capture and share individuals’ adventures and experiences while abroad. He has authored four (4) books, his latest, “Thirty Years in a White Haze”, is Egan’s Story of Worldwide Adventure and the Evolution of Extreme Skiing. His new interactive instructional ski program, “All Terrain Skiing” Vol II, is a book, app and interactive chat for skiers to discover the secrets of body mechanics from Power to Ice.

As a ski ambassador, coach, and guide, he is known as the "Skiing Psychologist". Egan can be found on the snow at Waterville Valley, NH, Big Sky, Montana, Valle Nevado, Chile and Val D Isere, France, sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport. He is sponsored by Leki, Big Sky, Elan, and Alps & Meters.

My Offer

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