“More than ever, we need to share ideas that help us be present for the challenges we face as a global society. This conference is a great medium for doing that.”

Specialism: The Warrior’s Way®
Background: Rock Climber, Mental Training


The Presentation

How Motivation Impacts Our Ability to Learn

Arno will show us how our motivation impacts our ability to flow with learning situations. As an experienced rock climber and mental training coach, Arno will outline types of motivation, when to utilize each type, and how they fit into the learning process.

He’ll show how to find the edge of our comfort zones—our learning zone—so we can keep our focus on learning. Arno will provide ways of monitoring how stressed we are, practical tools for processing stress, and shifting situations so they remain appropriate for learning.

About the Speaker

Arno Ilgner’s experiences as a rock climber are the foundation for his unique mental training program--The Warrior’s Way®. He has helped rock climbers and non-climbers improve their mental fitness by sharpening their awareness, focusing attention, and understanding their athletic (and life) challenges within a coherent, learning-based philosophy of intelligent risk-taking.

Ilgner considers the joy and satisfaction in the effort – the “journey” – intimately linked to successful attainment of goals, the “destination.”

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