It's time to STRESS LESS and BE MORE.

Day 1

31st August

Conference Opening Ceremony - (FREE)
Making space to set the intention for the days to come

Morning Session
09:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Susan Jackson: Mindfulness Pathway to Flow...more

10:00 - (FREE) - Panel Discussion: Optimal Experience: A Psychological Luxury, Necessity, or Naturalisation (Featuring 4+ speakers)

11:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Hazel Findlay: Developing a Relationship with Fear

12:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Presentation
Reece Coker: Special interests and autism: accessing flow...more
Afternoon Sessions
14:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Presentation
Zadany Vecsey: The Practicalities of integrating flow and 'Good Business' into Industry...more

15:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Jeff Charno:
Being & Doing: Leaning Into Spontaneity...more

16:00 - (FREE) -  Panel Discussion: The Future of Flow (Featuring 4+ speakers)

17:00 - (FREE) -  A Special Homage to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Open Circle, Guided by Close Friends of Mihaly
Closing Day 1
(Reflections and Questions)

See additional presentations below

Day 2

1st September

Morning Awakening (A guided moment of self-discovery)

Morning Sessions
09:00 - (FREE) - Workshop
Stuart Watkins: Embodying the FLOW by Balancing Doing with Being...more

10:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Panel Discussion: The Future of Finding Flow (Featuring 4+ speakers)

11:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Corinna Peifer: Flow in the context of work 4.0 and artificial intelligence...more

12:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Cameron Norsworthy: The Flow Model: How to become Experientially intelligent to gain back control of your everyday experience...more
Afternoon Sessions
14:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Speaker Circle: A space for all speakers to connect

15:00 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Scott Ford
: Bringing Dual Awareness into practice...more

15:30 - ($ Paid Access) - Workshop
Greg Warburton
: Emotional  training to facilitate flow...more

16:00 - ($ Paid Access) -  Panel Discussion: The Pillars of Thriving Through a High Performing Lifestyle (Featuring 4+ speakers)

17:00 - (FREE) -  Workshop
Gary & Deanne Gute: Finding Flow with Mihaly: The Father of Flow’s Map for Practical Life Design
Conference Closing Ceremony (Final thoughts and reflections)

See additional presentations below
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Presentation LIST

Please enjoy access to the presentations below during the conference (08:00 31st August to 18:00 1st September, BST or GMT+1 time). To watch these presentation (and all the live workshops) after the conference you will need to upgrade to the 'Unlimited Access' package (only $99).

Lorraine Huber: The key mindset shifts for finding flow and becoming World Champion
Cameron Norsworthy: The Flow Model: How to become 'experientially intelligent'
Sue Jackson: Mindfulness as a pathway to flow
Hazel Findlay: Developing a relationship with fear
John Hendry: Forgiveness and hope: the primary enablers to achieve flow
Gary Gute: Finding flow with Mihaly: the father of flow’s map for practical life
Dan Egan: Freeing yourself from the critical mind: a journey from judgement to
Deanne Gute: Finding flow with Mihaly: the father of flow’s map for practical
Jeff Charno: Being & doing: leaning into spontaneity
Inge Beckers: How positive leadership can increase flow at work
Amy Saltzman: Letting flow find you
Kristen Ulmer: Why the world inadvertently conspires to keep you out of flow
Eve Newsome: The flow music method: the joy of flow in music practice
Martijn Leonard: Individual preferences & flow
Mirna Šmidt: Prioritising flow as a practitioner
Arno Ilger: Leaning into fear and stress
Rene Weber: The synchronization theory of flow
Mae Yoshikawa: Bringing awareness to your resistance
Scott Ford: Bringing dual awareness into practice
Giovanni Moneta: Applications of flow to work
David  Shernoff: Preparing the younger generation for a global crisis through learning
Shane Benis: Indigenous lessons into movement and flow
Erez Beatus: How to harness the power between breaths
Genevieve Cseh: Mood, art, creativity & flow
Stuart  Watkins: Embodying the flow by balancing doing with being
Fergie Miller: Entrepreneurism & flow
Zsadany Vecsey: The lessons learnt from integrating flow into the workplace
Greg Warburton: Emotional freedom techniques to facilitate flow
Corinna Peifer: Flow in the context of work 4.0 and artificial intelligence
Jeff Van Hout: How to create innovation ecosystems and team flow
Nicola Baumann: Personality traits, achievement-motives, and the flow personality
Reece Coker: Special interests and autism: accessing flow
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From Stressed-Out to Thriving Under Pressure: The Key Mindset Shifts for Finding Flow and Becoming World Champion.
Lorraine will talk about how to bring out the best in yourself in an extreme pressure situation. Lorraine reveals the essential mindset shifts she underwent that ultimately changed her competition experience to bring out her best performance on game day.

About Lorraine
Lorraine Huber is a long-time competitor on the Freeride World Tour and freeride world champion. For more information about Lorraine Huber click here.

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