What is the format of the conference? 

This is an online conference, but the conference team and members of the Flow Centre team (coaches and ambassadors) will gather at a hub in England to deliver the conference creating a fantastic vibe throughout the two-day event. We also aim to use the latest conferencing software to make it as interactive as possible.

What is flow? 

Flow is the scientific term for optimal functioning. An optimal experience that accounts for one of life's most richest experiences. The flow state is simply described as an intrinsically rewarding state of absorption in which our control feels more effortless and our actions fluid. Flow has long been sought as the holy grail of optimal performance by athletes and elite performers, though more recently been heavily linked as a natural buffer to stress and a central aspect of living a fulfilled life.

In this conference we cover flow from all angles but also many associated practices and concepts that help lead us into flow. From gratitude to mindfulness, neurobiology to experiential intelligence, STRESS LESS, BE MORE, takes a look at what is working in the field to help live a high performing and deeply fulfilling life.

Is this a conference on flow, positive psychology, performance psychology or something else?

Yes, yes, and yes. This is a conference primarily about flow (aka optimal experience), however achieving flow states regularly is dependent on a number of factors and the development of self as a whole. Flow—representing a main pillar of positive psychology and the zenith of performance psychology—inherently includes areas such as emotions, resilience, self-compassion, mindfulness, savouring etc. Flow tunnels into areas as wide as sociology, therapy, and business, most noticeably linked with the outcomes of greater well-being and peak performance. For these reasons the conference includes a wide scope of topics not all dedicated to flow. Presenters/speakers will include those who are experts in flow psychology AND those who are experts in complimentary fields such as mindfulness, well-being, performance psychology etc.

What is included in the FREE limited access package?

The FREE package includes access to the live ‘first time’ streaming of the recorded keynote presentations. It will also include a free mini course on 'Understanding Flow' to whet your appetite to find out more so that you can experience flow regularly in your life and derive its many benefits.  

What is included in the Unlimited Access package?

The unlimited access package gives you everything from the free package plus access to the live workshops, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions following the live streaming of the recorded keynote presentations. In addition, you will get 6 months access to the library of recordings together with exclusive community access and the opportunity to meet the speakers (virtually) and ask questions. Each workshop alone is valued more than $99, so this package offers great value for money.

How do I gain access to the Live Workshops and Panel Discussions?

Access to the live workshops and panel discussions will be via a dedicated Zoom link which you will receive once you have upgraded to the Unlimited Package.

What can I expect from the Live Workshops and Panel Discussions?

The live workshops will be your opportunity to interact and engage with ‘flow experts’ to ask questions, to participate in exciting dialogue with other attendees, share your thoughts, respond to polls etc.

There will be three panel discussions, one for each of the conference themes: Performance, Wellbeing, and Evolution. Each panel will include a scientist, a practitioner, a professional and a host. These will be lively and enlightening discussions that will cover ‘cutting edge performance’, the ‘future of wellbeing’ and ‘becoming the best version of yourself’.

What time are the presentations across time zones?

The Flow Conference will begin at 08:45GMT on Wednesday August 31, 09:45 CET (Europe), 16:45 AWST (Australia), 01:45PST (San Francisco). 

The conference will run from 08:45 GMT August 31 right through to 19:00 GMT on Thursday September 1. This means that the sessions broadcast through the evening/night/early morning will cater for different time zones e.g., Australia, USA etc. It will also mean that there are in effect 3-days packed into 2-days. This really will be an event not to be missed!

For specific times and workshops, please see the conference schedule on the home page.

Do I get any FREE tools and mini courses?

Yes. Once you register for the FlowConference – all packages – you will get both free tools and a free mini course on Understanding Flow.

If you sign up to the 'Flow Certified' package, you will also get the Flow Centre's signature course (amongst others things), the Flow Certificate—valued at AU $695. Flow Centre have poured literally hundreds of hours into making this course; it offers a comprehensive curriculum and in-depth training that deserves a certificate. You can be proud to add this certificate to your CV and profiles as it carries substance and credibility.

What is the cancellation policy? 

Our terms and conditions state that all upgraded packages are non-refundable. We do not provide refunds, credit notes or rollovers to future conferences.

Can I transfer my Unlimited Access package to another person?

If you are unable to attend the live event you can transfer your Unlimited Access package to another person without incurring any additional charge. Please contact us if you wish to do this.

With the Unlimited Access package how long do I have access to the library of recordings? 

With the Unlimited Access package you will get 6 months access to the library of recordings. If you would like to extend this access to a further 6 months (1 year in total) then consider purchasing the ‘Flow Certified' package.

How do I access the library of recordings after the conference?

The library of recordings will be hosted on our private content management software, anyone upgrading to the paid packages will be given a password to access this area of the Flow Conference website. The Unlimited Access package will give 6 months access to the library while the Flow Certified package will give extended access for a further 6 months.

Are there early bird discounts available? 

Yes. The Unlimited Access Early Bird package is priced at just $79.00 while the Flow Certified Early Bird package costs just $479.00 with the Early Bird period lasting until the end of May 2022. From June 1 the price reverts to the full price.

What can I expect from the exclusive community access?

Community access is two-fold: during the conference and after the conference.

A dedicated ‘private’ Facebook group is available for all those who purchase the Unlimited Access package or the Flow Certified package. This will provide a place where like minded people can share information about flow and ask questions from the community. You will also be the first to hear about exciting flow related news such as upcoming events and the latest research. The group will be moderated by members of the Flow Conference team who will also contribute to discussions and answer any questions posed. This group will continue post conference.

During the conference you will also have access to a private group to interact with guest speakers, other paid attendees, Flow Conference team, and industry experts.

Why should I consider the Flow Certified package?

If you are interested in not only getting the most out for the conference but also level-up your development and credibility, then the ‘Flow Certified’ package is the ideal choice for you.

If you sign up to the 'Flow Certified' package, you will also get the Flow Centre's signature course (amongst others things), the Flow Certificate—valued at AU $695. Flow Centre have poured literally hundreds of hours into making this course; it offers a comprehensive curriculum and in-depth training that deserves a certificate. You can be proud to add this certificate to your CV and profiles as it carries substance and credibility.

Can you give an example of the presenter gifts

The presenters are renowned experts in their fields and as such have written best-selling books, presented at numerous conferences and conducted many coaching sessions. Presenter gifts will include access to their materials, discounted and free books, and special offers on one-to-one coaching.

Will the Flow Conference be an annual event?

While this is the first global conference on flow, it will be an annual event which will grow year on year. The 2023 edition will take place on the 6th & 7th of September, while the 2024 edition will be on the 4th & 5th of September. Your feedback will really help us to make each edition better, so please complete our conference feedback form when emailed to you.

Will the future Flow Conference only be online, or will there be an in-person option?

For the future the intention is to make the Flow Conference a hybrid event combining attendance at a beautiful location/venue with attending online.  

Who is behind the Flow Conference?

The Flow Conference is powered by the Flow Centre and organised/delivered by an experienced team of passionate flow experts.

Is the FREE ACCESS package really free?

Yes, each day of conference is free to access for the keynotes during the opening times. You may also purchase Unlimited Access to the conference, to view all sessions at your convenience.

Do I need to watch the each session at a particular time?

On the FREE access pass you do need to watch the live keynotes at the time they are being showcased. On the Unlimited Access or Flow Certified packages you will have access to all live sessions (workshops, panel discussions etc.) and can watch all the recorded sessions at your own time and pace. You will have a login to our dedicated area for all our sessions.

Will there be any live sessions?

Yes, there will be a host of back-to-back live sessions - workshops, panel discussions and interactive coaching with the conference hosts guiding you through each day.

Will continued professional development (CPD) credits be available?

All attendees who purchase the Unlimited Access and Flow Certified packages will be issued with a conference certificate detailing the hours and type of content. There are many organisations and governing bodies who may recognise this as CPD. A list of CPD partners will be published on the conference website.

In addition the Flow Certified package gives you a Flow Certificate that many organisations will value as educational training. However, you may need to present the course and learning outcomes to your associative body for recognition.

There are no CPD credits for the FREE Access package.

Can I access the conference on mobile?

Yes. The links we give you will work on mobile, portable (e.g., iPads), and desktop computers

Do you still have more questions?

For technical questions regarding the event we have more common questions and answers here. If your question is of another matter, simply get in contact by clicking the 'Contact' button on the navbar to ask specific questions. Please be as specific as possible with any questions.

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