Cameron Norsworthy

“Experiential intelligence is the best chance to rapidly improve the quality of our decision-making, performance, and existence as a whole.”

Specialism: Flow & Performance
Background: Ex-Athlete, Business, Neuroscience, Psychology, Scientist


The Presentation

The Flow Model: How to become experientially intelligent

The process of actively finding flow allows individuals to nurture their attention and become ‘experientially intelligent’. Through practical examples, Cameron will show us how we can value and control our attention to become ‘experientially competent’. The process of gaining experiential intelligence is one of observation but also of realisation that our subjective experiences are malleable, that our physiological reactions and behaviours are commensurately manageable. We can choose to re-direct our attention, alter our perspective, reset our psychophysiology, or manage our thoughts and emotions; we can take charge of our moment-to-moment experience, and curate a more intrinsically rewarding or satisfying overall experience, for example, in any situation.

Cameron will take us through his latest Flow Model and explain how experiential intelligence is the key to finding flow.

About the Speaker

Dr Cameron Norsworthy is the founder and CEO of the Flow Centre. He is a coach, entrepreneur, author, board advisor, and keynote speaker. Cameron has been a junior British tennis player, and awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance. His academic works include conducting the largest academic review on flow science to date. Cameron has coached numerous World Champion athletes and high achieving professionals. Cameron sits on a number of company boards looking to integrate flow and is a guest lecturer to a number of universities.

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