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Bridging the Science
and Practice of Flow

14th July 2024, Innsbruck, Austria

A gathering of professionals and practitioners fascinated by flow.

The Flow Conference

Join us this summer for a unique 1-day event in the heart of Austria. 

If you are a scientist, practitioner, or active professional working with flow, then we would love to meet you at the conference.


  • Dedicated spaces and time to connect

  • Engage or watch in open debates from flow experts 

  • Engage in key discussions for the advancement of flow

  • Meet a global flow community

The conference will be a small and intimate gathering of flow enthusiasts from around the world. Meet an amazing flow community and enjoy inspiring discussions. This is your chance to connect, develop opportunities, and be kept up to speed on everything flow.

Can't come to Austria? On-line access options.

Partners of the Flow Conference 

Example Panelists

more to follow...

The Program

Morning (14th July) - In Person

  • Greetings and Networking

  • Coffee/Drinks Break 

  • Round Table

Lunch (included on the premises)

Afternoon - In Person & Online

  • Flow Workshop

  • Panel Discussion: Conceptualisation of Flow

  • Panel Discussion: The Practice of Flow

  • Coffee/Drinks Break

  • Open Q & A

  • Closing

Informal Evening Drinks in Innsbruck

- Morning events will be in-person at the venue only 

- For more information view our detailed program here

- Program subject to change

- All drinks and food at the venue included in the admission price

Would you like to be a speaker in the Flow Conference 2024?

Would you like to share your research or present at the conference? Please, do not be shy, this is an inclusive event, we are welcoming all engagement. It takes 2 minutes to register below.

The Details

Who should attend our congress?
- Flow researchers and scientists

- Applied practitioners and mental performance consultants
- Professionals that work in health, education, workplace, sport, and the arts that want to learn how to integrate flow into their practice

- Students fascinated in flow
- Coaches, experts and leaders curious about flow coaching

What is the Aim of the Conference

Advancing our understanding and application of flow takes continual synthesis of the latest research and practice. The Flow Conference is a space, occurring every two years, for those interested in flow to discuss important questions regarding the advancement of flow theory and practice. 


If interested, the night before, many of the people attending will be meeting at a local venue for a drink to meet informally. Also see other conference events below.


On the evening of the 14th, dinner will be arranged for interested parties in the centre of Innsbruck. Also see other conference events below.

The Venue

The gathering will be held at Villa Blanka, a centre designed for small events, located 5 minutes from the centre of Innsbruck. See the venue on google maps.



There are many options in and around Innsbruck. You can book hotel accommodation here. If you are coming with the family and want camping accommodation, look here. Equally, you may want to look at Airbnb or

What Else Can I Do?

The event is sandwiched in between the European Conference of Positive Psychology 2024 , which runs from the 10th to 13th of July, and FEPSAC: the European Congress of Sports Psychology, which runs from the 15th to the 19th July; three conference in the same place, at the same time :-) Innsbruck is also a magnificent place to explore the mountains, go for long walks, and engage in plenty of adventures.

Want to Watch the Flow Conference 2022?

Watch over 30 presentations from a range of global experts. 

This global conference was a great success. The aim was to bridge the science and practice of stressing less and being more, and it delivered.

If you are an active professional working with others to improve their performance—such as a leader, educator, coach, instructor, or manager—and wanting to learn the latest tools and insights then this is for you.

Enjoy more than 30 inspiring presentations, interactive workshops, and panel discussions as we bring together a range of specialists from complimentary practices to enhance your practical skills and knowledge of helping others to find flow.

A not to be missed set of presentations. All accessible online.

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